Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

President Barack Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

First, let me say that it is an honor for any nation when they Nobel Peace Prize is awarded. Such is the case now and I offer my congratulations to the President.

However, awarding President Obama the Nobel Peace Prize before he has even accomplished anything deserving such a meritorious award is a disservice to all who have attained the award in the past through their dedicated service over the years. It is undeserved and even the President acknowledges the fact that accomplishments matter more than intentions, even when he himself has accomplished nothing.

Unfortunately I can only see this as a jaded and calculated political move on the part of the leftist-socialist Norwegian Parliament to try to boost another leftists neo-socialist politician rather than give the award to others more deserving. This is especially so given that Obama would have been nominated for the award only two weeks or so into his Presidency and voted on in June. These facts alone turn the award into a bit of a farce when you realize how many truly deserving individuals have never received the award.