When News is Politics

Obviously I’m bored tonight. Not that I particularly care about the ongoing fued between some asshats in the White House (i.e. Emanuel, Axelrod, Dunn) and Fox News…

White House Advisers Say Fox News Is Not News

By the reasoning provided in the article MSNBC, CNN, nor any of the major networks can be called legitimate news networks either. Funny, I don’t hear any whining from the Hill about them. Americans cannot trust any major news network anymore. There is no journalistic integrity left on the major netowrks and certainly no independent thought. Just saying…

All that aside I’m of the opinion this little “war” is due to Fox News as I understand outing Van Jones as a lefty fringer (i.e. communist, 9-11 truther, et al.) and Van Jones’ comrades are hoping to gain a little revenge. Sadly, they blindly do not see how they hurt themselves.

CNN Political Ticker: All politics, all the time Blog Archive – Emanuel explains White House’s view of Fox News « – Blogs from CNN.com

Ehm, what reasonably intelligent person listens to Rahm Emanuel or David Axelrod let alone thinks the these two particular political thugs ever knows what they are talking about? Do these guys have nothing better to do except make the current administration look like a bunch of fools at best and thugs at worst?

Eh, I’m off to read something interesting.

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