News Round Up

U.S. decision can’t wait for Afghan legitimacy: Gates | Reuters

The overriding question is not, “how many troops you send, but do you have a credible Afghan partner,” Emanuel said, adding it was important the election outcome be seen as legitimate and credible.

An interesting comment that highlights Emanuel’s silly statist notion that the government are more important than the people. That and proving he’s an idiot for trying to blur the truth about Afghanistan: it’s a war against the Al-Qaeda and their allies, the Taliban. Besides I think there’s actual progress in Afghanistan since Karzai agreed to a new round of elections, something that would not have happened under Afghanistan’s many assorted dictators of the past generations.

House panel redraws credit agency bill | Politics | Reuters

Draft legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives to rein in credit rating agencies has been redrawn to drop a provision mandating across-the-board repeal of U.S. laws requiring the use of credit ratings.

Just more proof on the complete failure and corruption of our government. Why does the repealed language have to be reinstated into a bill after it was stripped out if there was not anything wrong with it in the first place? Just typical games and corruption. The whole credit ratings system has become one giant scam.

NATO a corpse, fumes former Canada military boss | International | Reuters

At least it’s still somewhat more relevant than say…the United Nations. Not that the General doesn’t have a point about NATO’s problematic members that want all the benefits but none of the responsibility nor the burden such responsibility entails.

Vatican welcomes Anglicans into Catholic church –

Interesting though I can not help but wonder if Roman Catholics are going to start questioning why these new “converts” will be allowed to operate under a different set of rules for Anglican priests regarding marriage versus Roman Catholic priests. Seems odd, but the RCC will work it for themselves.

News Round Up

Iran threatens U.S. and Britain after Guard bombing | Reuters

The head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards vowed on Monday to “retaliate” against the United States and Britain after accusing them and neighboring Pakistan of backing militants who blew up six Guards commanders.

Seems to shoe is now on the other foot, eh? Not that I support terrorism in any form. Just noting a islamic terrorist supporting regime complaining about muslim terrorism and the irony is claiming that non-muslims are responsible for the terrorist actions of other muslims. Got to love the mullahs twisted logic.

Karzai set to announce decision on Afghan run-off | Reuters

Hopefully Karzai will be smart and agree to a runoff. Though Obama’s an idiot to try and tie American security concerns (i.e. whether he sends more troops or not) based on another nation’s election. That’s obvious waffling and trying to put off a decision instead of being a decisive President .

Honduras de facto government scolds Zelaya, cools talks | International | Reuters

Why do I suspect the Honduran government is giving Zelaya the rope he needs to hang himself? Starting an insurrection would certainly do the trick.

U.S. Eases Stance On Medical Marijuana

U.S. eases stance on medical marijuana –

Strange as it may sounds to some I support the Obama administration’s decision to not prosecute medical marijuana use cases. But then those who known me know that I have always supported medical marijuana use so long as it wells regulated and monitored to prevent criminal activities.

The one aspect I don’t like in the whole thing is the refusal of the administration to enfiorce federal laws. But that’s been symptomatic for many administrations on other issues, like illegal immigration. I would rather the government enforce a law until it is changed than have laws become a matter or socio-political convenience only to be enforced on the whims of politicians.

The Arizona Medical Marijuana Policy Project appears on track to getting enough signatures to be put on the November 2010 ballot. It also seems to have a lot of public support so it could very well pass adding Arizona to the list of medical marijuana states.