News Round Up

Iran threatens U.S. and Britain after Guard bombing | Reuters

The head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards vowed on Monday to “retaliate” against the United States and Britain after accusing them and neighboring Pakistan of backing militants who blew up six Guards commanders.

Seems to shoe is now on the other foot, eh? Not that I support terrorism in any form. Just noting a islamic terrorist supporting regime complaining about muslim terrorism and the irony is claiming that non-muslims are responsible for the terrorist actions of other muslims. Got to love the mullahs twisted logic.

Karzai set to announce decision on Afghan run-off | Reuters

Hopefully Karzai will be smart and agree to a runoff. Though Obama’s an idiot to try and tie American security concerns (i.e. whether he sends more troops or not) based on another nation’s election. That’s obvious waffling and trying to put off a decision instead of being a decisive President .

Honduras de facto government scolds Zelaya, cools talks | International | Reuters

Why do I suspect the Honduran government is giving Zelaya the rope he needs to hang himself? Starting an insurrection would certainly do the trick.


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