U.S. Eases Stance On Medical Marijuana

U.S. eases stance on medical marijuana – washingtonpost.com

Strange as it may sounds to some I support the Obama administration’s decision to not prosecute medical marijuana use cases. But then those who known me know that I have always supported medical marijuana use so long as it wells regulated and monitored to prevent criminal activities.

The one aspect I don’t like in the whole thing is the refusal of the administration to enfiorce federal laws. But that’s been symptomatic for many administrations on other issues, like illegal immigration. I would rather the government enforce a law until it is changed than have laws become a matter or socio-political convenience only to be enforced on the whims of politicians.

The Arizona Medical Marijuana Policy Project appears on track to getting enough signatures to be put on the November 2010 ballot. It also seems to have a lot of public support so it could very well pass adding Arizona to the list of medical marijuana states.


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