Public Option

Health Care Bill to Include Public Option, Reid Says

Sorry, I still opposed to it as it is presented right now with its oppressive government imposition of taxes, increased debt, lack of cost control methods, undermining medical device companies, labs, medical professionals and insurance companies, punishing citizens that are able to afford so called “Cadillac” plans, punishing retirees who supplement their insurance, and mandating what American citizens have to buy with their hard earned money in the first place. (What next, mandating Americans can only by American products when a certain industry is having low profits?) Of course, Congress exempts itself from all of the provisions of this proposed legislation which is another good reason to oppose it. I’m betting right now that there will be no health care “reform” passed this year simply on the grounds that what the government is trying to foist on the American people is any but reform and the American people know it.

Regardless, Reid and his ilk are just ensuring the Health Care Freedom of Choice Act proposal will pass in Arizona’s 2010 elections with its provisions like prohibiting fines or penalties against those purchasing health care directly and overruling anything that tries to prohibit private health insurance in the state.