AZ Election Results

Official results won’t be until Friday but here are some of the obvious and expected results.

In Phoenix, Sal DiCiccio won a runoff with Dana Kennedy for District 6 and Bill Gates won District 3 for City Council seats. Congratulations to both. Now help get our city’s budget under control.

Budget overrides passed in Mesa, Scottsdale Unified, and Paradise Valley school districts. Higley defeated their override.

Unfortunately for me Osborn overrides were approved, much to my disgust. At least Phoenix Union’s override was defeated. I wouldn’t mind so much if the schools were half decent and not so extremely hostile to the residents who don’t have children and businesses of the district. That and the kids seem to be dumber than stumps when you ask them a simple question.

The problem is we have so many ignorant people in the city that  are convinced throwing money on a failing system will some how fix it. It won’t. They’re going to continue to drive away tax paying property owners with the constant budget overrides. Get a budget and stay on that budget. Period. If you can’t afford it, then cut the useless programs that have the least benefit to the kids like bilingual education for K-6. How about larger class sizes until the tax base improves when the economy gets better. I was in large class sizes and went on to become an engineer so I don’t buy into the class size equate success crap being tossed around by lazy school officials.

Honestly, the system needs to change. It’s unsustainable and driving away businesses, jobs, and residents with each new increase or extension of taxes for which people see no gain. Perhaps a tuition system needs to be put into place or a pay-go plan that seem to be the love of so many politicians now. But perhaps most importantly we need administrators and teachers who will do their jobs and hold themselves, parents, and kids accountable for their failures. Get the basics fixed first for a solid educational foundation and everything else will naturally build upon that.


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