Politics and Health “Care”

Fair warning that I’m pretty pissed at the garbage going on in our country and I make my displeasure pretty clear in this post.

Well as wel all know the Tuesday elections came and went. Not surprisingly the GOP ousted two Democrats, largely due to their corruption and/or inability to govern. The elimination of corrupt or ineffective officials I applaud. I’m also pleased to see the Conservative Party candidate lost in New York. The Conservative Party’s hardline agenda is not what this country needs and pushing further to the right will only guarantee their failure in the future, as was the case in NY when they effectively forced out a moderate.

But then you have clueless asshats in the GOP trying to say moderates are the problem, so obviously the Republican Party is on the continuing path to failure. Maybe if these idiots would adopt moderate views, the American people wouldn’t view the party in general with such contempt.

Steele to GOP-ers Who Support Health Care, Stimulus: ‘We’ll Come After You’ | TPM LiveWire

And it’s stupid statements like this that continue to destroy America. Morons like Steele, Palin, Pelosi, Reid and their ilk think they can take over their political parties and cram their views on the moderate public. They simply don’t friggin’ get it that Americans are tired of the crap both parties are slinging. Americans don’t want Christian right-wing nutbags forcing their religious social agenda on them anymore than they want the neo-socialist agenda of the looney leftwingers. They just don’t get that Americans are tired of being screwed over by corrupt government officials who don’t care one bit about this country beyond how they can dominate it and profit for themselves and their associates.

America is moderate whether the conservative or liberals like it or not. They better get used to that fact as it seems the American people have finally woken up and realized just how manipulative and corrupt our government has become. Will it amount to anything? I don’t know, but I do know people are pissed and spoiling for a fight against those who think they have the right to interfere with people’s lives, bailing out companies with the American people’s money, tax them without consultation, attack their constitutional rights, chase away jobs, refuse to enforce “inconvenient” laws like immigration, and trying to impose sweeping legislation that will cripple their ability to have a high standard of living and quality of life let alone pursue that quality.

Pelosi pushing for a vote on health care reform on Saturday. Fortunately whether it passes or not it’s likely to die on two separate fronts: the Senate and the State’s now starting to invoke nullification measures that should they pass guarantee the federal laws become useless paper tigers.

Not surprisingly Obama Announces Endorsements for Health Care Bill – The Caucus Blog – NYTimes.com. That was a given. But I bet his showing up had more to with propagandizing than anything else given the Health-care protest at Capitol draws thousands – washingtonpost.com. He’s so full of himself it’s pathetic. He sees someone dare express a differing opinion and he has to grandstand. Whiner. Go do something like make an actual decision on Afghanistan.

Provisions of the so called health care bill (H.R. 3692) that are unacceptable to me:

  • Create a new government insurance plan. Government funded means government control. You don’t let the foc guard the henhouse or a bakrobber guard a bank, right?
  • Create government funded coops. If the government insurance plan is so wonderful, why the need for coops? Obviously a scam to take over 1/6 the U.S. economy.
  • Adult up to age 27 can stay on their parent plan. No, they’re adults. They need to act like it and take responsibility for themselves not burden their parents. This one smells like a pathetic ploy to buy off the youth vote. Th same youth who will ultimately be screwed over the most when they inherit a destroyed medical systems rife with greed, graft, corruption, and over billing in a decade or so on top of unbearable taxes from all the other tax and spend programs being pushed by Obama.
  • Individuals required to obtain healthcare coverage or taxed 2.5% penalty tax. I’m not property so F-off. Should this legislation become law I will defy it just on that principle alone.
  • Employers required to pay 72.5% of premium for individuals and 65% families. Why? This one stinks on several counts: screwing over families, screwing over businesses, setting the stage to allow companies to interfere in personal lives under the juxtaposition of lowering their health costs, and ultimately driving everyone into a government system as companies decide they can’t afford to pay anymore. I won’t even get into the loss in jobs that will likely occur. Especially given the payroll tax on those not providing insurance i smuch less than the cost of those who follow the requirements.
  • Imposing punative taxes on the wealthy ($500,000+/yr individuals, $1 million+/yr on couples). You do something innovative and become successful the Obama government is going to punish you.
  • Imposing 2.5% tax on medical devices. You know things like diagnostic equipment, surgical instruments, catheters, pacemakers, etc. Things that make it possible to get quality treatment. Things that make can make people productive citizens where otherwise they would not be. Basically punishing people because they get ill or injured while crippling the medical professionals capabilties to give quality care. Better start saving for your “medical vacation” if this passes, because you won’t be getting quality treatment in the United States afterwards. I hear Bangkok is good and affordable. Maybe Costa Rica too.
  • Expand Medicaid coverage, which sounds good and normally I’d support. The problem is that Medicaid is already going bankrupt so adding more people will only hasten its demise further screwing over the American people, particularly the elderly.
  • Reduce Medicare Advantage program. Another screwing over of the elderly who can afford better than simple Medicare.
  • Allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices. With whom? Big Pharma had been essentially given monopoly over the U.S. by the Obama administration earlier this year with guarantees to stop foreign or generic drugs. Monopolies don’t negotiate. They’ll do just enough to buy off their pet legislators and try to dupe the American people with false advertising into thinking everything is fine. That or try to blame…wait for it…wait for it….you got it…the insurance industry.

I’m certain that lying, useless, waste of space Respresentative from AZ-4 will vote for it. And I hope he gets his ass handed to him in the 2010 elections for being such a sellout. If nothing else I’m certain this dumbass bill will guarantee Arizona’s nullification efforts will be successful and leave the Feds unable to do anything about it.

On the flip side the G.O.P.’s pathetic offering was only mildly more tolerable in that it doesn’t resort to ordering people that have to have insurance or be taxed in addition not taxing everything in existence. It’s problem was that would do practically nothing to get more people insured, wouldn’t stop denials, and would limit malpractice awards even when such awards and punitive damages are genuinely warranted. Basically they allow the status quo to continue. That is equally unacceptable as Pelosi and Obama’s extreme neo-socialist plans.

And in closing, if you believe that unemployment is only 9.9% as the Fed is likely to claim tomorrow, consider this: the Fed claims about 500,000 new unemployment claims a week. Those numbers don’t jive when you do the math. That’s not even going into the people currently unemployed or dropped off the roles, just new claims. That’s probably why the Legislature passed legislation Extending Jobless Benefits and Home Credits – NYTimes.com.

But let’s be even more honest here. The real unemployment rate which counts all unemployed not just those on the government roles at something like 17% per the Bureau of Labor statistics. You don’t see the MSM going on about that do you? You can even check it youself: Table A-12. Alternative measures of labor underutilization (Note that on several occasions the database came back with an error, fyi, supposedly to update the information. Maybe that 17% will change, but I’ll be highly suspicious if it does change drastically.)


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