House Passes ObamaCare 220-215

House Passes Sweeping Healthcare Overhaul –

Now let it die in the Senate (Or have the individual state’s kill it through nullification like Arizona is planning. It’s better than resorting to seccession.), take the names of the fools who voted for it and throw them out of office in 2010. Fair warning I won’t obey it should it some how pass in the senate and become law.  So they can take their taxes and socialized medicine and stick it up the collective asses.

I won’t comment on other Arizona representatives because those aren’t the district I live in so it’s up to those citizens to decide whether their Representative did the right thing to not. Not so for me in AZ District 4. Of course the asshat Pastor (D-AZ4) voted for it because he’s a useless Obamazombie more interested in buttkissing his DNC masters and selling out the country to illegals than doing what’s best for the nation and his constituents in Arizona by, oh i don’t know, REPRESENTING them. He’s just made me a into an enemy of  any policy he supports, not just an opponent, an enemy. There’s nothing he can do or propose that will ever get me back on his side on any issue, even on one I agree with hom on. He has proven he is incapable of making decisions in the best interest of the people.

I’m fed up with these arrogant pieces of shit thinking they can continue destroying this country with their corruption, rape, and pillaging of the citizens of this nation.

No more! No mas!

Honestly, for the first time in my life I’m actually considering becoming a  U.S. ex-pat. I just can’t stand to see the country I grew up in and love crumble and fall apart around me as the corrupt pigs in all levels of government reap huge profit at the expense of everyone else. Worse, I don’t see anyone even really trying to stop them. So what’s the point of staying in a nation where apparently so many want to throw away their livelihoods and freedoms away for a bunch of arrogant, loud mouthed greedy pigs who don’t give a shit about any one but themselves. All I know is that if ObamaCare becomes law, I will leave America as soon as I can for it won’t be the great nation I grew up and live in. It’ll be nothing but a socialist statist wasteland, a mere slip of a shadow of its former self.


4 thoughts on “House Passes ObamaCare 220-215

    • My hope is it dies in the Senate. Meanwhile I’ll be mobilizing my efforts into ensuring my House Rep who voted for it is not elected again in 2010 in retaliation for his recent arrogant behavior over the auto bailout, wall street bailout, stimulus bill, cap-and-trade, this alleged health care bill, and his intentional effort to misdirect the constituency of his district so he wouldn’t have to listen to them at his bogus town hall.

  1. Ironically, earlier this afternoon the House passed HR 892 which recognizes the 20th anniversary of the end of the cold war. These slime balls honor the end of Soviet style socialism and the very same day they give us socialized health care.

    • Believe me I understand the irony, having spent some time in the then Soviet Union a couple of years before it fell. A few friends who came to the U.S. to escape communism are bewildered by this foray into socialism our Congress is bent upon.

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