The Administration has decided to try captured terrorists in New York as criminal cases. Don’t see how the logic of someone caught on the battlefield can be tried in a civilian court. But then, this administration is clueless (or willfully ignorant) about many things, such as thinking terrorism does not exists; it’s just man-made disasters. /sarcasm

GOP Ending Abortion Coverage

Where were these wing nuts complaints for the past decade? It’s called being hypocritical.

Besides true Republicans (at least Constitutional ones) know the Federal Government has no business interfering in such a personal issue whether they agree with it or not. I can’t say I’m surprised though that the corrupt leadership of the GOP is suddenly now concerned after the truth came out while religious conservative continue their war to impose their beliefs on everyone else.

They are just as bad as the equally corrupt Democrats when it comes to their dictatorial statist ideologies. That’s why I kind of like the term Republocrat to describe both of these corrupted entities.

Grocery Striker Averted…for now

The Associated Press: Arizona grocery strike averted with tentative deal

Any one who strikes in a right to work state like Arizona during a recession are idiots. Not that the businesses are saints, but I suspect the union bosses seemed to realize a sizable number of their membership did not want to strike and were more reasonable with their demands. In the end neither the businesses or the union bosses really care about the workers. It’s about their respective profits.


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