Pelosi: “Very Fair” to Imprison For Not Buying Heath Insurance

Ah the twisted logic of the fruitloop, Nancy Pelosi:

Stone: Do you think it’s fair to send people to jail who don’t buy health insurance?

Pelosi: … The legislation is very fair in this respect.

Well, that is if she has even has a smidgen of logic, in the first place. Ironically those who  end up in Pelosi’s Gulag will get “free” (read: tax payer paid) health care. She’s obviously deranged as is any who support the idea that not buying insurance makes you a criminal on par with drunk drivers, tax cheats, fraudsters, etc.

I wonder how “very fair” she and her insane ilk will think it is when they’re run out of officer? Trust me when I say there are many who will defy ObamaCare just on this insane provision alone should the pigs on the Hill somehow pass it. I doubt it will pass legal or Constitutional scrutiny if it were to pass anyway.

If nothing else I’m glad to see a number of people (sans Pelosi and her crew) starting to take seriously this issue of imprisonment for not obeying an illegal and unconstitutional government order to buy a government approved product. And they seem to be getting what the “health care” plan is really about: power and control.


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