DOA: Reid’s version of ObamaCare

CBO: Senate health plan to cost $849 billion – Health care reform-

All I see is more garbage from one of the top pigs in the Senate. Cut Medicare, raise taxes on everything and everyone else who strives for a decent life. Yeah, that’ll fix health care. /sarcasm Morons.

Senate Democrats Unveil Health Bill for 31 Million People –

The so called health care plan still has too many unacceptable provisions:

  1. Taxing “Cadillac” plans.
  2. Increasing Medicare payroll tax.
  3. Increased individual tax that are not indexed for inflation.
  4. Cutting Medicare.
  5. Increase tax on big Pharma. Sounds good, except that the Obama administration cut a deal with Big Pharma to protect them from foreign competition and generics. So guess what? That’s right, you get to pay more for medicine as the drug companies simply pass the cost of the tax on to the people.
  6. Going after health plan executives individual compensation. May sound good except it sets the dangerous precent of the government interfering in compensation. Consider that this sets the precedent that the government can mandate how much any money any individual in this nation can make. Do you really want to live in a de facto communist “economic” system? This is just another step towards the idiotic socialist notion of redistribution of wealth.
  7. Taxing medical device manufacturers.
  8. Tax increase on cosmetic surgery. Does this also apply to cosmetic surgery related to accident recovery such as burn victims, breast cancer survivor reconstructive surgeries and war veterans disfigured by battlefield injuries?
  9. “Opt out” for states. Should this not be “opt in” instead? Let it prove itself with one or two states first and then spread from there. Oh wait, they can’t do that because they know it will not work. It’s not about health care reform, it’s about power.
  10.  Mandatory requirement to buy insurance or be penalized (i.e. fined and jailed). I will oppose this. I do no bow to threats by anyone, especially the government. Besides how can you reconcile point 9 and 10 and still have equality under the law? Simple: you don’t. So either the entire system dies out as every state withdraws or the Federal Government imposes the mandate on the states. I’ll let you guess which way our little neo-socialists in Congress will go.

You can read it, all 2,000+ pages, for yourself if you like: Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Just another scam, America. Don’t fall for it.


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