Religious Leaders Unite Against Abortion and Same-Sex Unions –

Just more hypocritical pandering, in my view. You can have your religion and your morality, but you have no right to use either to the detriment of others in a social system such as the United States that strives to give equal rights and protections to all Americans. You can’t demand to inject your religious beliefs into secular government but then cry foul when the secular government will no longer allow you to hide or justify your discriminatory behavior on religious grounds, especially given the history of oppression, repression, discrimination, and hatred espoused by some Christian sects. It just looks like a bunch of religious leaders trying to use scare tactics to mobilize people to their agenda. So I say to them what I say to the lefty neo-socialists: Go away. You’re not wanted. Americans are tired of extremism and extremists using our government to impose their agendas. Let people just live their lives without your holier than thou selves getting in the way.

Afghanistan and Obama

News from the future: 20 November 2020 Obama finally makes a decision to send troops to Afghanistan. j/k Though you’ve got to wonder if Obama knows the actual meaning of a “couple of weeks” when coming to a decision, given it’s been what, months now?

Obama below 50% in Polls

Gallup: Obama’s Approval Rating Has Slipped Below 50% – The Two-Way – Breaking News, Analysis Blog : NPR

This was inevitable given his bungling on numerous fronts, but most especially the economy and the fake “stimulus” bill and the even more fake “jobs created or saved” numbers.

The Associated Press: Dem slams Ariz. gov’s absence as session falters

“Why is she calling a special session and then leaving if they don’t have an agreement?” said House Minority Leader David Lujan, D-Phoenix, on Thursday. “Clearly everything wasn’t worked out.”

Exactly. And this lady thinks she’s going to get selected  as the GOP nominee for Governor next year? Ha! Arizonans are tired of obstructionists of all political stripes in this state. If a governor calls a special session, it is only reasonable to expect said governor to be available during the session, not else where.


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