Obama Afghan Speech

The Associated Press: Text of President Obama’s speech on Afghanistan

Overall a decent speech (I guess considering he drones on incessently most of the time), though blaming the previous administration is idiotic considering Obama’s waffling and delay in even making a decision about troops to Afghanistan. Sure Bush screwed up some, but Wonderboy hasn’t exactly done anything great either so…yeah.

To sum up the speech: 30,000 troops to Afghanistan and then start withdrawing in some 18 months or thereabouts. That’s all I really need to know, the rest is short shrift.

As an aside: The cynic in me notes a political ploy: trying to bring home troops from Iraq and Afghanistan before the 2012 elections. I honestly doubt that is going to happen even with SOFA in Iraq, but I could very well be wrong on that. And if it does happen will it be at the cost of Iraq and Afghanistan failing.

Futher summing up:

  • “Legitimizing” Afghan President Karzai again after weeks of basically doing the opposite. Kinda like with Honduras’ new President that Chavez and his Bolivarian buddies are having cows about now that their man Zelaya has no legal recourse under any Honduran law to regain power.
  • “we must rebuild our strength here at home,” Then stop taxing the citizenry to death, bailing out corporations, imposing socialist healthcare w/ prison sentences, trying to impose unions on the citizenry via CardCheck, crushing American businesses under the now questionable science of global warming via cap-and-trade and high taxes, destroying manufacturing, etc.
  • “our prosperity provides a foundation for our power.” See above.
  • “The nation I’m most interested in building is our own.” That’s the people’s job to do, not the government.
  • I bet the Corps of Cadets was bored out of their collective skulls. They look bored. Polite, mind you, but never the less bored.

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