EPA: Pass Cap-And-Trade or Else

“I’m tired of people trying to destroy progress in the name of progressivism.” — Unknown

The Associated Press: EPA chief: US will regulate CO2 with common sense

EPA declared Monday that carbon emission could endanger human health and would be subject to federal regulation.

This is just a blatant attempt to blackmail the Congress and the U.S. public with threats of higher energy prices, greater unemployment, and further taxing American business, citizens, and industry into oblivion via cap-and-trade, which has already proven ineffective and expensive in Europe. These unelected corrupt bureaucrats in the EPA are just another group of out of control thugs working at the behest of the neo-socialists to take away Americans freedoms, business, and quality of life using what is now questionable science with regards to climate change and global warming. Anyone thinking the EPA can act responsibly or with common sense has missed tha last century of American government where government agencies have repeatedly shown a distinct inability to act responsibility or with anything resembling common sense: record deficits, trade imbalance, refusal to reform and enforce immigration laws, bankrupting Medicare, bankrupting Medicaid, bankrupting Social Security, failure to regulate banks, tax payer bailouts of the rich, tax payer bailouts of the car comapnies, tax payer bailouts of banks, tax cheaters in congress and administration posts, pork barrel spending, stopping development of solar farms because a pair of rare lizards was found with in a dozen square miles of land, closing of public park lands to preserve endagered animals even when said animals don’t even live there, etc., etc.

Besides these people do remember carbon dioxide is what is needed by plants for photosynthesis? So why not order more plants be added to our cities? The city of Phoenix has made an effort to denude itself of all useful shade and oxygen producing trees in the past three decades which is certainly counter productive to good air quality. Yes, I’m being partially sarcastic given carbon dioxide from manufacturing differs in sheer quanity from respired carbon dioxide but it it a valid point. How can you claim to want a better environment but do things in such an opposing manner?

So what’s after CO2, water? After all it’s a greenhouse gas as well. In fact water, in the form of water vapor, comprises the largest portion of greenhouse gases. Interesting, no? So I guess that means we have to somehow ban the oceans, lakes, river, streams, and rainfall if greenhouse gases are bad. /sarcasm

Start Regime Change: 11/2010
Vote People, Not Parties!


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