ObamaCare Shell Game

Congress: We’ve got a deal – First Read – msnbc.com

Don’t believe this manure being put out that the public option will go away under this “compromise”. It won’t. Adding more people to an already failing system (e.g. Medicare) will merely hasten that failure and allow the government to establish “public” option in in order to save health care “because it’s too big to fail” (Sound familiar? Government Motors (GM) anyone? The Wall Street bailout?). Creating not-for-profit insurance modeled on the federal employee program won’t work. Why? Because some 70% of that is taxpayer funded. The not-for-profits wont be able to generate the money to support such a system, therefor the government steps in and voila – public option. (Side note: Did you know the plan they want to copy had faster rising costs than the average premiums of you or I (7.9 to 5.5) according to CBO? So much for cost savings.)

ObamaCare still taxes Americans and businesses to death, punishes those who can afford better plans, still mandates purchasing government approved health care or you go to jail/fined, still taxes medical device manufacturers, still gives Big Pharma unfettered control without competition, still covers illegals, and still allows unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats to take over all health care in this country without recourse for the citizenry. All of these are unacceptable and should be opposed in totality.

Any who vote in favor of ObamaCare as written need to be thrown out!

Regime Change: 11/2010


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