Omnibus Bill Bungling

And now we come to annual government bungling Omnibus Bill in which massive amounts of taxpayer money is misspent, misappropriated, and absconded with by the assorted thugs and criminals in Congress to their pet projects, supporters, and cronies.

Said to be in the bill:

  • 2% payraises for federal civilian employees. Meanwhile, millions of Americans either have no jobs, are in underpaying jobs, or can expect little to no raises while the government taxes them to death to pay for “needed” regulations that will lead to further unemployment and the fleeing of businesses from the U.S. to more economically friendly nations.
  • Require agencies to determine if federal employees can do it cheaper than contractor. Normally I’d say it was a good idea but with the socialist thugs in the bureaucracy the incentive is going to be to push for socialist (e.g. government run) expansionist policies in order for these agency heads to keep their jobs.
  • Cutting funds for imprisoning illegals that commit crimes. How exactly does this help America? Oh yeah, it does not. It’s a sellout of America to the illegals and their criminal supporters.
  • Increasing foreign aid. The country is broke but we can still send money to foreign nations (who claim to hate the US anyway) instead on help our own citizens. It’s simple really. If you don’t have money, you don’t spend money on luxuries. Foreign aid is a luxury at this point.

Start Regime Change: 11/2010


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