Obama Nobel Speech

Ah, Norway. Your rugged snow capped landscapes, your winding verdant fjords, and your crystal azure waterlines and beautiful isles that are as breathtaking as a wind off a glacier. Where crystal skies enjoy the occasional (and perhaps a little too convenient) Russian missile test mishap to illuminate the skies over arrogant leftist elitists gathering to preen and lord their “superiority” over the world. Yes such a nice background for Obama’s NobeLOL award.

I wont make any further mention of the so called Obama child statue in India except to say: Sheesh, talk about deification.

Text – Obama’s Nobel Remarks – NYTimes.com

His speech was surprisingly clear and frank and not entirely what the Nobel Committee wanted to hear I think. Probably one of his better speeches. Certainly more realistic than many of his ideological diatribes. But I doubt the committee wanted to hear about the justification of war to create and defend peace but that’s what they got along with a not so subtle poke by the Russians.

Curiously Mr. Obama justifies war to a group all about peace. Of course the elitists didn’t like that so naturally they didn’t clap during parts of the speech they disagreed with. They didn’t really start clapping until he talked about closing Guantanamo.

In some ways I’m surprised President Obama actually admitted America had done a lot benefitting the world considering his more common kowtowing to foreign powers, blaming America for the world’s problems, and selling out our allies. He actually defended American military action to some extent. Even more suprising was implications that he had no intention of remocing the U.S. from it’s post World War and Cold War role as military superpower, merely encourage other nations who’ve had a free ride for the past half century to take up the responsibility and burden of global security as well.

Unfortunately everything else was rather lacking in substantive action or going on about the fallacy known as “just wars”. And it’s difficult to say whether the speech was just the usual rhetorical posturing or a genuine belief by Mr. Obama.


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