Lieberman Against Health Care “reform”

So now somehow Sen Lieberman is responsible for the deaths of Americans for opposing the insane “health care reform” the extremists want to force on Americans, whether they want it or not? Wow. Didn’t take the crazies long to create that little sicko fantasy. Not surprising consider the sicko plan they want to pass. I guess that means a majority of Americans are murderers too if the latest polls are correct in the public’s opposition to ObamaCare. Besides who can truly support a plan that has a health care loophole that would allow coverage limits on costly illnesses like cancer? (I’ve lost count of how many things are wrong with ObamaCare. This is just another for the list.)

Personally I congratulate Lieberman for not caving to the crazies on the Hill passing off complete garbage as reform. He’s a prime example of why we need a third (or more) major party in Washington to keep the other two parties in line. Sure Lieberman’s a Democrat at heart, but he’s not a lefty-loon like Reid and Pelosi. Our country would be far better off if more opinions were heard and implemented in government than those of the two corrupt parties that have a death grip on this country and are wringing the life out of it with each passing day.

Any who vote in favor of this crazy plan need to be removed from office. Between this, the farce of cap-and-trade, pork barrel projects, in addition to the previous massive useless spending to “save” car companies, banks, and “create” jobs you’ll be lucky to have a dime to spend on essentials like food.

Regime Change: 11/2010


One thought on “Lieberman Against Health Care “reform”

  1. It is no accident that one Senator can be an obstructionist. He, and the filibuster for that matter, remind us that the governmental sovereignty allowed the state governments is what is really represented in the US Senate (unlike in the US House of Reps). As frustrating as it is, there is a trade off in wiping this out in favor of remaking the US Senate on the basis of the principles of the US House…trade offs given the scale of the US. and what the US is. For this argument, pls see

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