Newsbit commentary

White Americans to Lose Majority Status by 2050 – Sphere News

I could really care less about racial politics and who is a majority or not but I have to question alleged studies that continue the comparison of whites (a racial class) with Hispanics (an ethnicity)? They are considered two separate classifications and thus not comparable.

Predator drones hacked in Iraq operations | Security – CNET News

This isnt’ all that suprising. It was inevitable. Heck, my friends and I discussed this very thing at university a number of years ago. If nothing else, it’ll finally prod those in authority into further developing and implementing encryption security protocols. After all, if Shia fighters can do this with off the shelf software, then it’s guaranteed far more militarily capable nations are venturing into similar programs with far more insidious capabilities.

‘Cadillac Tax’ in Health Plan Would Hit Middle Class Hard — Politics Daily

Welcome to Obamanation. Does anyone really think they would be magically exempt from Obama’s reckless health care “reform” and the ensuing taxes? Of course not. The largest  tax base in the U.S. (and the easiest to exploit) is the middle class. And exploitation is the name of the game in Washington right now.

Regime Change: 11/2010


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