Healthcare, Cap And Trade

The Associated Press: GOP signals more delays ahead for health bill

As do a number of others who are not GOP like union members (despite the SEIU claims), medical professionals, manufacturers, and ordinary citizens like myself who do not accept the statist and dictatorial notion that government has the right to order me to buy insurance or face imprisonment and fines.

As I’ve said before on the “mandatory” insurance, I will openly defy such a “mandate” should our politicians foolishly choose to pass it and dare anyone to try and enforce the “mandate” without facing massive resistance from the States and citizenry.

The National Review: Cap And Trade, Tax And Spend : NPR

An excellent review of why Congress’ Cap and Trade “jobs bill” should be killed: higher costs, greater unemployment, lower GDP,  and tax payer funded bailouts (through higher taxes on the middle class of course) of companies (especially utilities) and union workers (no the rest of us) that are hurt by a cap and trade system that has already been proven to not work in Europe. Anyone with half a brain know the true intent behind cap-and-tax (aka cap-and-trade) is to turn the U.S. into a second rate socialist state under the thumb of elitists who want to redistribute wealth, cripple industry, opportunities, and technology, destroy livelihoods, and eliminate freedom and liberty.


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