Phoenix Council Considers Food Tax

Phoenix City Council Considers Food Tax

As the city wrestles with a budget shortfall estimated by the city manager at $245 million, at least 6 of the nine City Council members say they support or at least are open to the idea of a sales tax on food items purchased at grocery stores and other retailers.

Yes, the same city council that thinks wasting money on unneeded and unnecessary dog parks rather than keeping to a budget thinks that imposing a food tax is going to solve the problems brought about by their own irresponsible misspending of taxpayer dollars. This at a time when food prices are climbing with further inflation looming on the horizon and a bad economy with unemployment at its highest in decades? Nonsense. Like the public, government needs to live on a budget and learn to make do with less. The average citizen can not simply demand and automatically receive more money from their employer rather than cut the extraneous from their budget. They’d likely be laughed at or even fired for doing so in the current market. So too government should not be allowed to impose a tax just because they believe they are entitled to do so.

I shouldn’t be surprised that this so called council that harasses the homeless, ignores the voters, turns a blind eye to crime, welcomes illegals with just about free everything, and wastes money on dog parks somehow thinks further punishing the citizens of the city (particularly the poor, hungry, and homeless) with a tax on food is somehow going to solve all their problems. Fools, one and all!

It may sound okay for a little tax here. But consider every time Phoenicians turn around  a new tax is added: a tenth percent for schools here, a percent for roads there, a quarter percent for another school, raising property taxes for some corporate project, and so on. It soon adds up to too much! There is a reason the TEA Party movement is growing. It’s name is the reason why: Taxed Enough Already. It’s coming to the point where Americans can no longer live because they are being over taxed by everyone from the corrupt Federal Government on down to corrupt city councils. Enough!

Should they pass their food tax, it will simply be thrown out in a citizen drive initiative as was done in the 1980s. That was the last time these feckless individuals sought to make life miserable for millions of Phoenicians rather than take genuine responsibility and fix their budget concerns through eliminating unneeded services and spending.


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