Brown Defeats Coakley

Brown Defeats Coakley for Massachusetts Senate Seat

I’m glad Brown defeated Coakley, not because he is a Republican or because she is a Democrat, but because he may be able to blunt the insane big government tax-and-spend agenda involving health care “reform, cap-and-trade, and other assorted statist agendas the White House had intended to foist on the American public without debate, concern, or consent. Whether he does that remains to be seen.

More importantly will the national parties realize their self-serving special interest agendas are not the American people’s agenda? If they do not, they will both suffer the consequences of their failure to understand and listen to the citizens. So far some of the Democratic leadership has shown they still don’t get insisting they’ll force Obamacare through even by means legislative trickery. Most seem to have gotten the message. Much can be said similarly of the Republican side, with some GOP leaders foolishly thinking Brown’s victory indicates they can push their own petty agendas while others realize they too much be mindful of the public’s desires and intentions.

So for now, I’ll be content if the insanity that is called health care reform is stopped by Brown’s election, along with other insane bills like cap-and-trade and Card Check.

The power of the people is alive and well.

Regime Change 2010.


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