Arizona: Dying and Decayed, Maybe Just Dead

Arizona is in a profoundly sorry state of affairs. Rampant corruption, fiscally irresponsible politicians, dictatorial social engineering agendas, and vapid “leadership” that looks only to pillage the state treasury (which is now virtually non existent) for themselves and their greedy special interest friends. Unfortunately, in a time that should be the greatest hope of change, all that is on the horizon is more of the same: corruption, intransigent political dogma, and fiscal irresponsibility.

The Governor’s Race

While they’re seemingly hundreds of would be GOPers alone going after the seat not counting assorted Democrats and Independents, really there are only a handful or genuinely viable candidates. There’s current Governor Brewer (whom I consider a shill at best, incompetent at her worst, and likely to be demolished in the polls), State Treasurer Dean Martin (not really known for anything and given the mess of the State’s economy would likely be roundly trounced in the polls), AG Terry Goddard (who is somewhat popular at the moment) and the ignored John Paul Mitchell.  I wish there were some truly independent candidates, but there really isn’t. Despite the claims of some Arpaio is a non-factor and would have more power and influence remaining Maricopa Sheriff.

Senate Race

We’ve got John McCain, of course. His would be GOP rivals, Haywoth and Simcox (who apparently decided to drop out) haven’t a real chance against him despite what some would claim. Hayworth is a pompous gasbag tainted by his ties to lobbyists (Abramoff scandal anyone?), something we need less of in Washington, trying to exploit and corrupt the Tea Party movement away from its intent to bring government back under control and into moderate political thought (in spite of the right wing loons trying to co-opt it). So it’s safe to say at this point that McCain will lock up the GOP nomination.

On the Democrat side, I don’t really see one who could defeat McCain at the moment with perhaps Glassman and Gordon having the best shots but I don’t recall if either are even running. I’m sure I’m missing some potential Democrat candidates here and I need to get more information. I’m betting the Dems will let this one go, since McCain claims this will be his last election as a Senator, and wait to either unseat the increasingly ineffectual and hyper partisan Kyl or until McCain’s seat becomes open.

The independents are effective shooting themselves in the foot by not exploiting American’s disgust and getting their candidates out there. That in and of itself is more telling about the true nature of the so called independent parties: their willingness to complain but not to take action when opportunity presents itself. It’s still early of course, but not looking good for them.

AZ CD 04

Unfortunately the buffoon Pastor will likely claim the district again thanks largely to the cowardice of Arizona’s politicians to call him out from his puppet masters in the DNC.

What I wouldn’t give for some decent, fiscally responsible, moderate leadership for this state!

AZ Slashing Minimum Wage?

Arizona’s minimum wage could be slashed for young workers – Phoenix Arizona ABC15 News |

Yep, the infinite stupidity of Arizona’s politicians continues unabated. Worse are the pathetic excuses for further harming Arizona’s working class. Perhaps the most ludicrous was a claim by one politician that cutting the minimum wage would create more jobs. The idiot, of course, ignored the fact that it would actually lower state tax revenues, cost people already in low wage jobs what little they make by dropping their pay nearly two dollars. But then these scum bags supporting the measure think no one will complain because by intentionally discriminating against the young (i.e. anyone under the age of 22) by trying to dismiss young people as having no responsibilities or needs.

I’m not surprised. These are the same type of scumbags destroying Arizona that support the “Cubs Tax” (i.e. corporate welfare). Hell even MLB doesn’t want it, probably because they know it’s just going to piss off local Arizonans who are being taxed to death already.

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