Dems Push Unwanted ObamaCare – Pelosi: New Health Care Bill Will Be Ready in Days

It’s rather sad and pathetic, is it not that our nation’s “leaders” believe they have the right…no, the entitlement, to pass changes in this nation with out the consent or approval of the American people. Sadly our government is representative but not of the people. No, our “representative” government only concerns itself with political party, greedy corporations, international and multinational entities intent on crushing American business and standards of living, corrupted unions, lazy industries, and other sundry organizations intent on pillaging the citizenry of their ever shrinking income. The people? Mere slaves to these governing elite to be used, abused, and ignored.

All the Democrats are doing by pushing a plan no one but their extremist leftists want is confirming the distrust of the people against not only them but all government. It only adds to the growing resentment and anger at elitists who have the gall and temerity to think they are above the law, above the people, and arrogantly believe that democracy and freedom should be doled out in accordance to their prescribed notions of what is “fair” or “right” or “needed”. It is these fools and their misguided dogmas that in the end will guarantee their own destruction; their own place in the dustbin of history only remembered so that future generations will not repeat their disastrous mistakes.

I no longer care what these elitist fools intend to do with regards to ObamaCare since I won’t obey a law, any law, the imposes government into private lives in such as manner as this proposed bill. Besides, it’s all but guaranteed Arizonans are going to pass a state constitutional amendment that prohibits government from interfering in health care and insurance decisions. Follow that with the likely passage of a bill to eliminate ObamaCare as non-Democrats (likely Republicans) sieze control of the House and Senate over the coming election cycles and will likely end up with President Obama himself getting a pinkslip from the people in “gratitude” for he and his party’s foolish policies.The Federal government will have little recourse in enforcing a law in a state that refuses to do so. Trying to do so on their own would simply open the Fed to legal challenges over their current policies of enforcing only laws of convenience (i.e. drug laws) and ignoring those that are not convenient (i.e. illegal immigration) to the political winds of the time.

Regime change 2010!


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