Corruption continues in Phoenix

Time to take back Phoenix from Mayor Phil Gordon and his corrupt minions.

Don’t Tax Our Food Is one such organization among many trying to reign in the imbecilic Mayor Gordon and the sellouts and elitists of the Phoenix City Council (PCC). One way or another, the voters will make them suffer for their arrogance and temerity. You don’t screw the poor and working class citizens over without facing retribution especially when the budget problems are the fault of the elitists on the council mismanaging the city into the dirt.

I personally hoping some recall initiatives are started against all who supported the tax so we can throw the bums out of office and let them feel what it is like for the average person to have their voice silenced or ignored by elitist scum like them.

Better still pass a law requiring citizen’s approval of all tax increases and budget decisions. After all politicians from the local level on up to the Federal government have repeatedly proven they are incapable of managing even the most simple of budgets. If they can’t do that, they certainly deserve no final decision on budget matters.

I’m looking forward to exerting some electorate rage at the ballot box.

Regime Change 2010! (2011 and 2013 for the scumbags at PCC if they don’t get recalled first)


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