Nanny State Fascists in New York

NY restaurants face total salt ban if politician gets his way – Telegraph

The administration of Michael Bloomberg, New York City’s mayor, has already outlawed smoking from many public areas, banned unhealthy trans fats from prepared food and ordered many restaurants to list the calories in each item on the menu. He also favours a new tax on sweet fizzy drinks to help cut obesity.

Welcomes to the Nanny Fascist States of America, my friends. Sadly I expect other “do-gooders” will try to follow suit in short order.

Do people really think that the same government officials are really the best people to be making such decisions? You know the same type of people who’ve destroyed the country’s workers, industries, budgets with their political games, corruption, and selling out of America to the highest bidder, and also think higher taxes is the solution to everything.

Just more evidence Americans need to take back their country from the lunatics in power and those who want to “save” people from themselves.

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