Pelosi: Public Option Dead

Pelosi: Public Option Dead in Revived Health Care Overhaul

A baby step in the right direction. I still want the bill killed in it’s entirety. Congress should start over with more appropriately smaller and focused bills to address the problematic areas with the U.S. health care system directly instead of trying to destroy the entire system that works well for the overwhelming majority.


One thought on “Pelosi: Public Option Dead

  1. Does the system really work well? Yes, it is familiar. Many of us will work for a company that will allow us to get insurance at a reduced rate. But considering how much co-payments have gone up-is it working? If we lose a job, and can’t afford cobra-is it working? If we are self employed or own a small business and pay high deductibles for catastrophic coverage-is it working? If you are a woman and self employed and pay significantly more than a man if you need maternity coverage-is it working. If we lived in a country where Democrats and Republicans could actually come together for the good of the citizens-your wish for smaller, focused bills would make sense. Unfortunately, our political culture is built on get what you can now, because tomorrow may never come.

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