New Bits

Netanyahu defies U.S. over Jerusalem settlement | Reuters

Not surprise. Relations between the U.S. administration (even before Obama) and Israel had been volatile for some time now. I don’t particularly agree with Israel but can understand their hard line considering recent history in the region.

House heads toward close healthcare vote | Reuters

If they’re smart they’ll vote it down. Oh wait, this is Washington, D.C. Nevermind. I sent an message to my rep (Pastor) to vote it down but I already know he’s just a tool for the DNC and hasn’t had an original thought in years.

Coffee vs. Tea: A political movement is brewing –

While I always think there should be more debate, I really can’t take people serious when they’re acting like sheeple and copying another group instead of being original. Anyway, good luck to them if they’re truly about getting our government back under control of the citizenry and not just another lip service group for Obama or big government. Sadly both groups are already being infiltrated by the major parties and wingers anyway.


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