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Apparently the final days before the vote on Obamacare are now underway. Doesn’t matter really. Obamacare will pass but it won’t survive the wrath of the American people. ‘Nuff said.

State lawsuits likely over health care bill

One of just many challenges to Obamacare should it pass through our non-representative Congress this weekend. Add to it states like Arizona likely approving state constitutional amendments prohibiting government interference and mandates in health care and you have a whole other layers of trouble brewing for the fools in Washington.

Ariz. lawmakers to consider four-year terms

Arizona voters could be asked to extend lawmakers’ terms from two years to four years.

Simple answer here: No. The politicians are corrupt enough as is even with the two years terms and limit of eight consecutive years in the House or Senate. It’s getting to the point where there practically needs to be a yearly no-confidence vote on these fools to keep them in line with their duties and not pillaging the state coffers and selling out to special interests at the drop of a hat.


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