Congress: Throw the Bums Out

Just helping out a bit in taking out the corrupt officials across the nation, from the cites up to the Federal government itself.

WSJ/NBC Poll: Only 17 Percent Approve of Congress –

In fact, half of the Americans surveyed would vote to replace every single member of Congress if they were given a choice.

And rightly so. All of them have abused the authority bestowed upon them by the people. None of them deserve to be allowed to continue that abuse. My ultimate dream would be for the complete elimination of all political parties so that politicans would be beholden to no one but their constituency. Sadly, the likelihood of that happening is effectively non-existent.

Since the Democrats are most responsible for the recent garbage (TARP, GM Bailout, Wall Street Bailout, Obamacare) coming out of Congress these past few years and for what they intend to pass (cap-and-trade, forced unionization, etc.) and the Republicans are equally culpable for capitulating solely for the intent of gaining political favor with the citizenry:

Vote Out Incumbents Democracy (VOID) A non-partisan effort to reclaim control of the nation from the corrupt political parties.

Remember in November!
Regime Change 2010


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