It’s only just begun

The War Against Obamacare has begun…

Even before the bill’s passage, people were not buying the garbage:

New CNN Poll: 59% Oppose Obamacare | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.

A new CNN Opinion Research poll, conducted over the weekend as the House debated Obamacare, finds that 59 percent of Americans now stand opposed to the health care legislation in Congress. Just 39 percent of the poll’s 1,030 respondents said they favored the bill.

Bad news for Obama in CNN weekend survey results | Washington Examiner

70% say the federal budget deficit will go up under the Democrats’ health care bill; only 12% believe it will go down.

· 56% say the bill creates “too much government involvement in the nation’s health care system,” 28% say about the right amount, while 16% say not enough.

· 62% say they’ll pay more for medical care under the Democrats’ health care bill.

· 47% say they and their families will be worse off under the Democrats’ health care bill; 33% say things will be about the same, and only 19% think they’ll be better off.

· 45% say seniors on Medicare will be worse off; 34% say things will be about the same, and only 20% think they’ll be better off.

Now that it has passed and the Democrats arrogantly proclaim the discussion is over:

States launch lawsuits against healthcare plan | Reuters

States launch lawsuits against healthcare plan –

Lincoln Will Oppose Health Reconciliation Package « S E N A T U S

Which makes me wonder what happens if the Senate were (unlikely as it is) to vote down the Reconciliation package? Constitutional guidelines are quite clear about both Houses of Congress approving the same bill before it can be considered a law, so it makes me wonder if it even applies in such a hypothetical situation what with Obama arrogantly signing the POS legislation tomorrow. If it doesn apply and is Reconciliation is rejected how can the bill then be considered legitimately passed into a law? I’m probably missing something since obviously I’m not a constitutional lawyer or anything. – Goddard taking a look at health bill

Brewer said Arizona will file a lawsuit – claiming the federal government has over stepped its boundaries regarding state’s rights.

“It’s unbelievable what’s taken place in our country — something we have never seen in my lifetime. And the magnitude of it is . . . ridiculous.”

One of the few times I actually agree with Gov. Brewer about something. Of course our corrupt Democrat AG Goddard is already dragging his feet because like so many others he has sold out individual freedoms and state’s rights in favor of being a stooge and lackey for the national party. He’d be well advised to do otherwise and refocus himself to serving the citizenry instead of the party if he ever hopes of advancing in politics in Arizona.

Western Pols Quick to Denounce Passage of Health Care Bill | Jill Kuraitis | Boise | New West Boise


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