NOW Denounces Obama Betrayal

National Organization for Women-NYS Denounces “Health Care Reform on the Backs of Women”

Pappas wondered: “Do the people of the United States realize the danger to their heath care rights rooted in the fundamental right to privacy?

Obviously Pappas hasn’t figured out that Obama (or Congress) doesn’t give a rat’s ass about anyone’s rights except their own desire to be dictators. And NOW wonders why so many people consider them irrelevant. They’ve allowed their own politics to blind them to the truth about the two dominant political parties ruining the U.S.: they’ll oppress and betray anyone to keep themselves in power.

Of course Obama was going to betray NOW’s pro-choice platform in a heartbeat. Obama would sell out anyone to get his agenda. Any liberal group thinking Obama and his cronies will protect or support them take note: You are expendable if it is deemed necessary for the “greater good”.


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