The ObamaCare Battles Continue

One reason (as if you need any more) why you should hate Obamacare:

The very politicians who’ve made Americans indentured servants to the state for their health care exempted themselves from the law. Convenient that what’s “good for America” isn’t good enough for their sorry elitist asses.

Obama’s Executive Order

Executive orders apply only to the executive branch, so effectively the order is useless for the pro-lifers out there with respect to health care. Unless of course, Obama plans to socialize the system, which will only add to the growing firestorm in this country.

Az AG Goddard

Arizona’s gutless wonder Attorney General Goddard has revealed his true stripes as a DNC puppet by his refusal to defend Arizonan’s rights. I hope Mr. Goddard realizes he’s just killed his chances of higher office in Arizona. Arizonans want someone who’ll stand up to Washington, the corrupt Parties, and the special interests, not cower and kowtow to them.

Need more proof of Congress’ true intentions for Obamacare: The Public Option Resurfaces – Prescriptions Blog –

Threats Against Congressmen

Just plain idiotic to threaten them. Save the rage for this summer’s townhalls and the November ballot box. If they rig the elections or attempt voter intimidation to save their political careers, then you rightfully and justly lash out to defend yourself from their machinations. To do anything else allows the corrupt opressors to whine and grovel and claim victim status in an attempt to silence dissent. Already they’re trying to use a handful of instances to try to suppress the voice of the opposition and ordinary concerned people.

Vote the Bums Out!

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