Earth Hour

So Earth Hour is upon us this Saturday, March 27. An hour for pseudo-eco simpletons to make themselves feel better about climate change while actually accomplishing nothing.

I know longer consider myself an ecologist simply because such groups have become about regression and repression, about pushing political and social agendas that destroy the individual for some dubious collectivist notion of what is best for all. They push agendas that hinder developing nations to lift themselves out of poverty and attempt to cripple developed nations in the name of “fairness”. Too often they despise technology and innovation that doesn’t fit their strictly narrow, socialized, communalist agenda and reject discourse with any who question their intentions. And so, I reject them in favor of conservationism- recognizing humanity’s right to exist, live, and pursue prosperity through responsible, efficient, and when possible self sustaining use of the world in which we live without the ridiculous notion one must sacrifice progress or individual freedoms and aspirations.

If your want to be conservationist you’d be better served by taking genuine action. Use PV panels to generate power for your homes, or similarly appropriate alternative sources of energy as approrpiate to where you live. Plant oxygen producing trees and plants native to your regions. Make a garden or greenhouse. Support local farming and industrial development. Properly insulate homes, fix leaky and dripping pipes and use energy effecient devices. There’s hundreds of little things to do without resorting to grandstanding empty gestures and without demanding that human progress be sacrificed on the alter of political correctness anf for the green profiteers who exploit the duped masses.


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