EPA Thugs on the Move

U.S. Limits Greenhouse Emissions From Cars – NYTimes.com

If this is true (I take nothing for granted on April Fools):

Sounds good until you look deeper into how the EPA rules don’t just demand higher fuel efficiency but injects the fascist pukes into everyday life. So what do we get from Big Brother:

  • More fuel efficient cars. Sound good until you realize the requirement is bogus in light of car manufacturers already heading toward the target numbers anyway. So all people get out of it is paying more for many vehicles that were already planning to meet the new mileage goals anyway.
  • Fossil fuel fees (Read taxes = higher costs for everything across the board. Potential lost jobs as well as manufacturers say screw this and get out from under the dictators running the US into the ground.)
  • Greenhouse gas permit requirements for farmers. (Sounds suspiciously like cap-and-trade, no? Again would result in increased prices, close farms, and more unemployment.)
  • New lead paint rules that in all likelihood cripple retrofits of older homes to become more energy efficient by requiring “experts” on lead paint be on hand at even the most minor work or refit at homes given the extremely small number of certified trainers let alone contractors. Basically you get to spend more money for something common sense tells you and most states already regulate.
  • New emissions rules on shipping. Expect increased prices and fewer shipping companies to exist in the U.S.

This is the same EPA that allegedly gave Energy Star certification to a gas powered clock, of all things. So yeah. So much for the integrity of the so called environmental police. Seems the fools know their climate-gate ruse has be uncovered and so they rush to put in regulations thinking no one will notice or stop demanding an unbiased scientific look at the data and research.

Most annoying to me is continuing thug like attitude of this administration and the constant subversion of all aspect of this government by would be power mongers and dictators within its ranks.


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