Obama’s Disasterous Foreign Policies

A Layman’s Guide to Obama’s Nuclear Posture Review – Political Hotsheet – CBS News

While all reasonably minded people agree Nuclear proliferation is a concern to be addressed, this unfortunately was not the way to do so. Applying inane notions of reciprocity with respect to weapons of mass destruction (WMD) is dangerous. The intent behind deterrence is to ensure peace through the classic cold war program of mutually assured destruction regardless of the WMD used. Striping away that deterrence will only harken the world into a dangerous new age that encourages hostile nation states to attack the U.S. with non-nuclear WMD believing they will not face obliteration in return.

So our obviously woefully ignorant and misguided President is of the notion that appeasement and pandering to our enemies will some how make them like us, that somehow the policy of deterrence that worked so well is no longer needed even as hostile nation states in ever increasing numbers seek weapons of mass destruction, and that abandoning our allies will somehow restore U.S. leadership and standing in the world.

Boy, I feel safer all ready. /sarcasm

I feel sorry for Taiwan in the shadow of China, the former Soviet republics bordering Russia, South Korea, and a dozen or so other allies who will now be left to wonder if Obama will sacrifice their lives and sovereignty just to try and claim he made great strides in nuclear nonproliferation and stroke his ego. More than that I feel sorry for people around the world who looked to the U.S. to help deter the expansion and growing threat of WMD proliferation through tougher sanctions and negotiations and found capitulation to tyrants instead.

I seriously now wonder whether President Obama is merely incompetent or completely corrupt. I’d prefer to think he was merely an incompetent fool than a willing accomplice in empowering and emboldening America’s enemies while destroying credibility and reliability amongst U.S. allies. Unfortunately his recent behavior and actions by his administration show that he is in the latter category rather than the former. I cite Obama’s increasing feud with Karzai that started by the ineptness of the Obama administration and has continued with the increased perception by many Afghans of undue foreign interference in their government. (I suspect Obama is trying to manufacture an excuse to get out of Afghanistan to appease his left-wing anti-war extremists.) Add to this the growing rift between the Obama administration with Israel, especially with the arrogantly dismissive manner Obama has treated Netanyahu and treating the issues between Israel and Palestine as a one sided affair with Israel playing the role of villain while conveniently ignoring the terrorists lurking in Palestine.


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