Obama’s Space Policy

NASA Stalwarts Among Critics of Obama’s Space Policy – AOL News

After taking heat earlier this year for his proposal to kill NASA’s long-planned return mission to the moon, President Barack Obama this week is being blasted anew by a slew of critics, including famous NASA astronauts, as the details of his space policy emerge.

This implies Obama actually has a space policy. He does. Unless it’s to destroy America’s space capability. The government is doing all it can to destroy American industry left and right for the past two decades. Why not cripple another branch of it? Obama thinks supporting taxpayer funded corporate welfare and corrupt financial institutions is laudable but losing American space technology and advancement is okay. Guess we know who owns the White House, don’t we?

Unless you’re of a mind where losing 7,000-9,000 jobs tied the the shuttle are lost, killing Constellation and Orion, making your country’s space related priorities dependent upon the good will of not-so-friendly or reliable “allies”, and cutting the budget to your nation’s space program is some how a good idea. That doesn’t even count the jobs and revenue lost by all the support industries and sub-contractors who rely on their work in the space program.

Obama is living in a fantasy land to think private commercial spaceflight is anywhere near ready to take over for NASA let alone capable. Perhaps in another twenty years if all goes well, but not for the foreseeable immediate future. And not until the Fed gives up control of spaceflight, which is highly unlikely to ever happen.


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