The Tyranny of Average

I just thought this was an interesting post I ran across that resonates some core truths many have come to willfully ignore, particularly the closing paragraphs.

Rejecting The Tyranny Of Average |

But the reality is nobody is completely average and we should shout that fact out so that people aren’t afraid to be different. Because it’s from these small forms of prejudice that the bigger one’s stem. The feeling that we’re all the same is what makes it so easy for people to be sexist or racist or homophobic. If you accept that in fact none of us are the same, none of us are average, suddenly it’s a lot harder to justify the prejudice.

So reject the Tyranny of Average. I don’t drink alcohol. I hate sports. I love sci-fi. I’m over-educated and probably underachieving because I don’t have any real drive to win or be the best. I’m not average. I’m not normal. And neither are you.


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