Obama: Az immigration bill ‘misguided’

The Associated Press: Obama says Arizona immigration bill ‘misguided’

For those who want to read the actual law and not the political spin around it: sb1070h (pdf file) via azleg.gov. Read it in its entirety and decide for yourself.

Ah, so Obama is now concerned about illegal immigration? Obviously not. He’s just ticked that federal unwillingness to enforce the law forced a state (e.g. Arizona) to take matters into their own hands. Imagine that, making people enforce a law. Must be a shocking concept to corrupt politicians in DC and elsewhere. Besides it is not a law about immigrants, but illegal immigrants. In the end any questions about its constitutionality will be fought out in the courts.

Speaking of boycotts, Representative Grijalva has shown his true loyalty lay with the pro-sanctuary groups: Papers Please | Arizona Rep Grijalva Ready To Call for State Boycott | Breaking News WorldNewsVine. I hope this shows people in Grijalvas district why he is another corrupt politician than needs to be removed. A Representative should not be calling for actions against his constituents that will cause nothing but harm. Fortunately others aren’t as stupid as Grijalva such as Giffords won’t get behind Grijalva’s call for boycott. But unfortunate some have taken their anger at Grijalva too far: Grijalva offices to close early due to threats .

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Obama: Arizonans “irresponsible” for immigration-enforcement vote

However, Arizonans didn’t pass this law because Congress hasn’t enacted comprehensive immigration reform, as Obama insisted at the White House today. They passed this law because the federal government has abdicated its responsibilities to enforce existing immigration law. We don’t need a comprehensive immigration reform bill to resolve that — we just need the Department of Homeland Security and Barack Obama to do their jobs.

This is exactly why the law was passed  by the state legislature.


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