A couple more links on AZ Immigration Law

Assorted opinions and reactions:

Arizona’s new immigration law is our own fault

Arizona did what it did because we as a society and as a government, failed to address the problem of illegal immigration honestly and without political bias.

The unvarnished truth.

Challenging Arizona’s Immigration Law – KCBS
As is to be expected with any controversial law.

Arizona’s immigration law too tough? Not if you live there. « Thoughts Of A Conservative Christian

Arizona immigration bill: Mayor Gordon says Phoenix may sue

He’s not doing this out of concern for the city of Phoenix. The city wouldn’t be in such terrible shape if he and the city council had the citizenry’s best interests at heart. Remember, these are the same asshats that thought dog parks were more important than dealing with the city’s budget and poor. So of course our corrupt Mayor Gordon is against the law. He’s one of the those that basically opposes any change to the failed system in place. He’s one of the pro-sanctuary politicians that caused the problem in the first place by undermining law enforcement and trying to turn Phoenix into a sanctuary city for illegals.


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