NewsBits May 06, 2010

California High School Students in US T-Shirts Sent Home on Cinco de Mayo – AOL News

At least these kids have intelligence unlike the douche bag Assistant Principal who seems confused as to what country he lives in. It’s pathetic that an American educator despises America enough to try and crush national pride and patriotism in our nation’s youth. But then this did happen in California where anti-Americanism often runs rampant and unchallenged. What other place would assume that a foreign holiday trumps free speech. I love Cinco de Mayo but have never seen it used to suppress Americans before.

Polls Close in British Elections but There’s No Clear Winner – AOL News

Exactly what Britain does not need: a weak coalition government and a weakening of the pound as a result.

Climate bill unveiling possible next week | Reuters

The bill won’t accomplish a thing except to cost America even more jobs and drive up costs for everything. Kill it.

Navy SEAL acquitted of assaulting Iraqi detainee –

Good to see the SEALs acquitted. Now they can get back to doing their jobs.

Violence in Athens after Greek austerity vote –

Not unsurprising, and something we may be seeing world wide as the world financial crisis worsens with government corruption and irresponsibility running rampant.


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