Slow on the posts

Been busy lately so haven’t had much time to post as I would like. Hopefully that’ll change as soon as latest project wraps up. Some quick bits:

  • Go Arizona, who cares about the failed state of California anyway? Let them wallow in their bigotry and bloated welfare state.
  • Obama: A bandaid on the border isn’t going to solve the problem. Enforce the country’s immigraiton laws!
  • Is anyone really surprised that the government is doing nothing to hold BP accountable for their arrogance on top  of the disaster they created? Of course not.
  • Ah great. Now American taxpayers get to bailout the unions if some douches in Congress get their way? And people wonder why I say this country is teetering on the brink of self destruction due to rampant corruption.
  • War on the Korean penninsula. Wouldn’t surprise me. Actually it would given our appeasement laden administration and weak willed Secretary of State. Makes me glad I decided to pass on a job there a few years back.
  • The closing days of the Space Shuttle program…sigh. Goodbye American space capability since we have nothing to replace it with and administration that is clueless.
  • Morons passed the tax hikes here in Arizona and now act all surprised that there is talk of raising property taxes. Duh. Corrupt government at its finest. Why actually cut your budget when you can force higher taxes on the people even as their wages and benefits are slashed? Asshats!

Hopefully be posting regularly again soon.


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