Senate Failures

Funny how the retards in the Senate are oh so concerned about bailing out corporations that they spend hundreds of billions without a care and with out so much as a by-your-leave from the taxpayers but the instant some of the taxpayers (now unemployed as a fallout of the same retards mismanaging their business and the country) need some help by extending unemployment benefits they’re all suddenly concerned about the budget and defecits and debt.

I’m fortunate enough not to need unemployment benefits but know many who do need it through no fault of their own. They work hard, lost their job, and now work even harder to find a new job only to find nothing available for them. I call bullshit on these Senate asshats and their crocodile tears over budget concerns while ignoring the true suffering of the American people during these harsh economic times. Must be nice for these elitist douches with their cushy tax payer funded jobs and luxuries to able to sit back and mock the American people every day with their arrogant delusions of superiority.

If these Senators are smart (*cough*) they would be wise to extend unemployment benefits next week (well ahead of the 4th of July weekend) or I suspect it’s going to be a very nasty summer at the townhalls and a virtual bloodbath for incumbents come election season. This, on top of all the other mishandling and corruption, may be the final tipping point for the anger in America to come to the fore.


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