Short Shrift

Well WP ate the entire post I just wrote for no apparent reason and I’m not going to spend another twenty minutes writing up. Weird. Just a reminder for me to write posts in a word processor first and then put them on the blog. Too bad. I thought it was a rather nice, long post addressing immigration, the oil spill, the economy, pseudo-conservatives, and the politics and policies of convenience that are destroying the country and burdening the Amercian people unfairly while the corporations and elitist douches get to live the high life. Here’s the basic gist of the original post’s ending paragraph:

While I have no need for UI I know fat to many people in Arizona that do. People who aren’t lazy, they don’t want to be on UI but the ongoing poor economic situation makes it so. I’m tired of seeing politicians screwing with people over pennies when these same politicians have no problems throwing out billions to corporations. So I say this, if Congress doesn’t pass an extension to unemployment by July 4th, I’m going to do everything I can to make sure every incumbent in Arizona gets thrown out of office. I don’t care if they’re the friggin’ dog catcher or the Governor: they deserve to face retribution from the people at this point. It’s time for Americans to take their country back from the corrupt who are pillaging and destroying it.

The original was much better stated, but oh well. It is what it is.

Throw the bums out!

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