SB 1070 Protests

Californians coming to Arizona to oppose SB 1070 (and likely get themselves arrested while supporting the local Az economy). I’ll refrain from snarking about outside political interests (e.g. SEIU, et al) interfering in the affairs of a state and exploiting people to push their agendas on others.

Los Angeles immigration protesters rolling to Arizona – San Jose Mercury News

And Californians coming to Arizona support SB 1070

Southland supporters of SB1070 going to Phoenix to protest judge’s ruling | 89.3 KPCC

Of course the anti-SB1070 protesters are getting upset for their arrests such as occurred earlier when they started to block streets and such. I guess they forgot that they have the right to peaceful protest so long as they do not break the law. But then I don’t get they’re protesting over getting what they claim was the most important parts of the law put on hold unless their real goal is to turn Arizona into a sanctuary state which other provisions in SB1070 specifically prohibits.

One thought on “SB 1070 Protests

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