AZ GOP Primary

AZ Election Results are coming in. Not too many surprises really to be seen on the GOP side. I personally did not vote for a single incumbent given the mess the incumbents have made of things.

Senator McCain looks to have easily defeated his challengers, as expected. I didn’t vote for either McCain or Hayworth, the former for being an incumbent, the latter for simply being an ass. I’m with the eleven or so percent who voted for the third guy running that was ignored universally by the news media: Jim Deakin.

Jan Brewer also appears to easily have crushed her challengers. Again didn’t vote for her  being a complete failure for Arizona. A governor focused on a single issue (immigration) is not what this state needs and her positive efforts on immigration do not negate the numerous screw ups she’s made elsewhere.

Curiously in CD 3 (not my district, FYI), Ben Quayle looks to have defeated his opponents.  But then again there were ten candidates there. Ten! How crazy is that? Honestly, with the buzz Vernon Parker seemed to be getting I’m surprised he didn’t do better.

In my district, CD 4, Janet Contreras looks to have defeated Joe Penalosa. I voted for Contreras feeling she would better challenge that sellout git Rep. Ed Pastor (D) .

The GOP candidate for State Attorney General looks too close to call between Andrew Thomas and Tom Horne at this point.

For Maricopa County Attorney it looks like Montgomery has defeated Rick Romley. I voted for Montgomery so am pleased by this.

GOP Candidate for Secretary of State Ken Bennett won unopposed.

Doug Ducey looks to be the GOP nominee for State Treasurer.

I was pissed off that the GOP didn’t deign to put up a candidate for Justice of the Peace or Constable for my district, so I wrote myself in for JP as a protest. Sure it won’t mean anything but the point is that no elected position should be won by default simply because there were no challengers. Democracy doesn’t work, particularly one where party politics dominate, if the parties won’t even field a token challenger.

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