Obama’s Ohio “Economy Speech”

Text – Obama’s Economy Speech in Ohio – NYTimes.com

Too bad most of it was the usual tired slogans of his Presidency. More political pandering and incitement of class warfare with a hint of desperation to it given the political season.

I don’t know what parallel universe President Obama lives in if he honestly thinks free market capitalism, limited government, smaller budgets, and low tax rates have “failed” when our corrupt political leaders have yet to implement any single one of these things preferring instead to stick to pork laden budgets and corporate welfare (bailouts and “stimulus” bills) while looking for more ways to raise the cost of living and taxes to unbearable and unsustainable levels. Perhaps if there had been even a halfhearted attempt at any one of these I would agree with him, but it this case obviously not. All I heard was excuses and attempts to justify his failed socialistic notions of wealth redistribution and anti-business policies while blaming others, namely the GOP, instead of accepting responsibility. Better still, he should have acknowledged his mistaken policies and moved to correct them.

Perhaps the President should have been worried about the economy months ago instead of treating his office as his own personal four year vacation and narcissistic media tour at tax payer expense. No one cares what he “inherited”. All Presidents inherit their office from the previous President’s dating back to the nation’s founding. He should stop whining about it and get to work in that place called the White House instead of wasting time proclaiming he’s “working on it” while wasting time and money at political rallies.

But then my reactions may be just my cynicism towards an elitist President who thinks it is a good thing to throw citizens (like those in Arizona) under the bus because he wants to pander to a voting block rather than enforce U.S. law (such as those concerning illegal immigration) or bail out his union buddies and corporate fat cats while claiming to oppose them. Its so obvious the Democrats are scared the forthcoming November elections are going to hurt their party. Rightly so given their arrogance over the past two years.

I just want all the scumbags thrown out, Democrat or Republican, for what they’ve done to the American people and the nation. Once the corrupt are gone and replaced by constitutionally minded, fiscally conservative individuals we can get back to correcting the problems in this nation.

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