Midterm Elections 2010

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an article to this blog but election day for the midterm elections of 2010 seems like a good day to write once more.

I admit I’m pretty enthusiastic about the elections today, primarily since it appears incumbents are going to take a well deserved thrashing in many races. Enough so to make it clear that those potentially being elected or re-elected realize they are on mere probation with the majority of Americans unwilling to tolerate the political shenanigans and elitist attitude in Washington and elsewhere any longer. I personally didn’t vote for any incumbents even though I know more than a few will get elected anyway. My votes had a mix of Republican, Democrat, and Libertarian candidates on the Arizona ballot for my area.

Congressional Elections

My hope is that Republicans retake the House, not because I particularly believe they are any better than the Democratic Party but to serve as a break on the reckless spending and policies of the Obama Administration and the extreme leftist agenda driven by Pelosi and Reid.

For the congressional district I live in (AZ CD-4) I expect Ed Pastor is going to win. I personally despise the man and his corruption but the Republicans and others didn’t make much of an effort (read: none) to truly challenge him. Too bad since I thought Contreras seemed like a good candidate. Who knows, maybe the good ol’ boys club decided a female republican couldn’t win in the district so like so many others decided not to even try to support her. Almost went for the Libertarian Cobb but something rubbed me wrong about him. Not sure what, but just couldn’t bring myself to vote for him. Perhaps lack of information.

As for the Senate race I went Libertarian. No way I would vote any Democrat to the Senate this year with the current ongoing joke of a Congress and I stuck to my decision not to vote for an incumbent even if I agree more often than not with McCain.

State Elections

Voted for Libertarian. No way in hell I’d vote for Goddard and Brewer was the incumbent (even if by appointment) so no vote there.

Attorney General
Voted for Republican Horne. I don’t trust most Arizona Democrats right now when it comes to immigration, health care, and other legalities the AG will cover, especially with the ongoing war between Arizona and the Obama Administration over issues like immigration.


Mine Inspector

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Mixed Republican and Democrat

101 – Health Care Protections – Supported
107 – Prohibiting Preferential Treatment – Supported
109 – Hunting and Fishing a State Constitutional Right – Supported
110 – State Land Trusts – Opposed
111- Creating Position of Lt Governor/Require Lt Gov and Gov to run as single ticket – Opposed
112 – Initiative Petition Deadline Change to 6 Months – Supported
113 – Right to Secret Ballot Vote – Supported
203 – Medical Marijuana – Supported
301 – Transfer Conservation Fund to General Fund – Opposed
302 – Transfer Early Childhood Development Funds to General Fund – Opposed


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