AZ Election Results

Election Winners
The following are all Republican unless otherwise noted.

Governor: Jan Brewer
Secretary of State: Ken Bennett
Attorney General: Tom Horne
State Treasurer: Doug Ducey
Superintendent: John Huppenthal
State Mine Inspector: Joe Hart
CD-1: Paul Gosar
CD-2: Trent Frank
CD-3: Ben Quayle
CD-4: Ed Pastor (D)
CD-5: David Schweikert
CD-6: Jeff Flake
CD-7: Raul Grijalva (D) (Likely winner at 48.6/45.8 as of this post.)
CD-8: Gabrielle Giffords (D) * (Likely to be contested at 48.6/47.6 split as of this post)
Senate: John McCain

I’m forgoing the state Legislature results since anyone outside the state wouldn’t care in the least who won or didn’t win. Overall pleased with the results. I hope the politicians get the message that they work for the people, not their party. We’ll have to wait and see if they heard it or not.


106 – Health Care Protections – Passed (Ed Note: I incorrectly put it down as Prop 101 in my other post.)
107 – Prohibiting Preferential Treatment – Passed
109 – Hunting and Fishing a State Constitutional Right – Failed
110 – State Land Trusts – Failed
111- Creating Position of Lt Governor/Require Lt Gov and Gov to run as single ticket – Failed
112 – Initiative Petition Deadline Change to 6 Months – Passed* (50.1/49.9, so may face recount)
113 – Right to Secret Ballot Vote – Passed
203 – Medical Marijuana – Failed
301 – Transfer Conservation Fund to General Fund – Failed
302 – Transfer Early Childhood Development Funds to General Fund – Failed

I’m glad most Arizonans chose to be reasonable with their voting decisions with the propositions. While I had hoped medical marijuana would pass, I knew it was unlikely to be approved given fears of the Mexican Cartels and their war with the Mexican government and the crazy full legalization of marijuana effort in California. Likewise disappointed by the Hunting/Fishing Rights proposition likely failed to its poor wording and lack of full explanation to the average voters on what exactly it entailed but also can see how some would feel it was an attempt by the Legislature to overreach its authority.

Smells like victory. Victory for the people.

Now it is time for action, not platitudes.

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